Symphonic Pixels

Symphonic Pixel’s Founder, Courtney Kim, has developed a team of talent that are passionate about delivering high quality aesthetics and results. They specialise in incorporating the clients’ ideas and energy to create fresh, inspiring and compelling branding. The product of such a collaboration are brand messages that capture the unique voice of the businesses, and that resonate with audiences across multiple media and devices.

Part of capturing the unique voice of our clients, is the ability to tell their stories in a sincere and meaningful way. We pride our team on having the skills to make this connection. The end product is: effective brand strategy, launch management, art direction, interior design, packaging design, web design, UI/UX and lots more.

Find your business’ voice, and reach out to us about your ideas.

Studio 405/37 Swanston St,
Melbourne Victoria 3000

+61 422 785 176