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The Forever Hope Foundation, who dedicate their time to raising as much money as possible by creating enjoyable, exciting and enticing ways for people to donate to charity, approached Branch with one vision: to give hope to those who need it most. Branch worked closely with the founders to define a launch/ongoing strategy and create an identity that will grow with the foundation.

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The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest and most visited gallery in Australia. Almost 2.3 million people visited the NGV in 2014/15, placing it within the top 25 most visited museums in the world. Situated over two magnificent buildings – NGV International and NGV Australia – the Gallery hosts a wide range of international and local artists, exhibitions, programs and events; from contemporary art to major international historical exhibitions, fashion and design, architecture, sound and dance.

Following a significant review of the NGV brand and communication strategies, audience segments and competitive environment, 3 Deep was commissioned to establish a revised brand strategy and brand identity for the Gallery. After capturing the organisations’ creative spirit, purpose, values and promise, a salient and potent brand strategy was created that would reflect the ambitions and vision of the NGV and facilitate unique branded experiences for visitors, patrons, partners and supporters.

In bringing the strategy to life, 3 Deep created a flexible and animated visual identity system in order to help identify and canonise the many campaigns, events, initiatives and services provided by the Gallery and its supporting sub brands including the NGV Design Store, NGV Crossbar Cafe, NGV Tea Room, NGV Garden Restaurant and NGV Gallery Kitchen.

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Peter Dredge has seen the dark side; both personally and professionally in his journey as a corporate winemaker for over 15 years. Dr Edge is the brooding alter ego of the man himself. It is a brand Peter created to take the seriousness out of the wine industry and, more importantly, out of life. “Life is not that bad. Share a bottle or an experience with someone, he says.” In the future, Peter wishes to grow Dr Edge as a non-profit brand, donating all profits to a mental health awareness charity of his choosing. This idea is driven by personal experience and most certainly friends who have been afflicted by mental health issues.

Cornershop were appointed to bring Dr Edge to life; complementing the portrait artwork (and face of the brand) supplied by the client. Cornershop‘s solution features a custom-designed typeface that reflects the tone of the brand. Dr Edge is honest, hand crafted Tasmanian Pinot Noir produced in small quantities. Selling at around A$55 rrp, the 2015 vintage is due for release in mid 2016. Cornershop hope that with Peter’s fine reputation and a little help from Cornershop’s branding and label design (the silent salesman), Dr Edge will become a cult classic! More importantly, it will raise awareness and benefit a noble cause.

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Camden Town Brewery, sold their first beer in September 2010, and have since gone on to become one of the most exciting young companies around today. When they told Studio Juice that they physically can’t fit in their existing brewery anymore, they were only too happy to help out.

Showing true Camden camaraderie, the Brewery wanted to do things a little differently and give friends and fans the chance to get involved in their growth. With the help of Crowdcube, they put a crowdfunded investment strategy together offering investors equity stake in the company – which has since raised almost £2 million.

Studio Juice created the strategy and campaign to help build and grow the brewery’s movement of beer lovers. First, Studio Juice came up with the call to arms “Be a Hells Raiser”, linking Camden’s signature Hells Lager with raising capital. Studio Juice then designed all campaign assets; out of home advertising, merchandise, packaging and an online video tell the story and build the community of Hells Raisers. An interactive microsite acts as the first impression for people new to Camden with links to the investment page.

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Sweden have a housing crisis and need to build 700 000 recidences until 2025. In order to do this the prices have to decrease so cheaper housing can be built. The Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies came up with a solution. A few houses they called Kombohus where every house could be built to a 25% lower cost.

SNASK created a concept called “From words to housing” and built an entire interactive paper city. The city was photographed with a street-view camera and programmed so visitors to the website could virtually walk around in it. Lots of quotes about the housing situation was collected from real people on social media and presented in the city. Visitors could make their voice heard by sharing their point of view and together put pressure the athorities for cheaper housing.

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Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) is one of the nation’s most innovative contemporary art centers that expands and extends what an art center can be. Founded in 1993 as the cultural anchor of the Yerba Buena Gardens development, they serve the diverse and ever-evolving community that surrounds them. From their leading edge exhibitions, performances, and films, to their groundbreaking civic initiatives and community partnerships, YBCA is where creativity, people, and new ideas collide. Their mission is to generate culture that moves people, because they believe it’s the responsibility of arts organizations to spur and support major societal movements.

While YBCA is a new kind of art center, whose work spans the realms of art, civic engagement and public life, much of the San Francisco community knew them only as a venue or host for performances and events. There was a general lack of awareness around their vision and dedication to redefining what an art center can and should be, and this was at the core of the creative challenge we were asked to help solve through creating a new identity and communications strategy.

The visual identity and communications were brought to life across all touch-points including signage, exhibition graphics, brochures, posters, outdoor advertising, identity guidelines, and a new website created in partnership with Bureau for Visual Affairs. Designed by Manual.