IS Creative Studio

IS Creative Studio was founded in January 2010 by Richars Meza. We are an international branding firm with offices in Lima, Madrid and Tokyo, the perfect balance between a design studio and a branding consultancy. 20 years experience in New York, Tokyo, Madrid and Lima with clients from various industries give us a global vision.

The passion for our work and our international customers have made us natural coolhunters. We have the vision, intuition and sensitivity to collect demographic information for new markets and consumer trends. To differenciate, observe and analyze these trends makes us understand what are the new benchmarks of creating successful strategies.

Our work process is based on extensive research, working as a team with our clients on strategic plans, questioning established truths, generating new ways, transforming perceptions and maximizing the value proposition. We create memorable brand experiences that go beyond the product, giving almost revolutionary unique solutions that create loyalty beyond reason.

28 de Julio 428, 4º piso, Barranco
+51 947 876 096
+51 1 256 1917