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St Giles House is situated in Wimborne St Giles in Dorset, close to the Wiltshire and Hampshire borders. It is the home to the Earls of Shaftesbury and covers approximately 5,500 acres.
In Jan 2011 Lord and Lady Shaftesbury began the exciting restoration project of St.Giles House and Park to help secure its future as a family home and venue for a whole range of activities.

Lord and Lady Shaftesbury approached us with the simplest of briefs, a compelling new brand for St Giles House. Mega delivered an exciting new identity, website, marketing strategy and art direction.

Photography by Taylor & Porter & Justin Barton


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Rhone is a highly respected international wealth management company, based in Geneva, offering financial advice and expertise to their clients.

Forth undertook an extensive brand review for the company, creating an asset brochure, document folder and full stationery suite, as well additional elements ranging from Christmas cards to bespoke packaging. Executed in rich purple, gold and cream, the brand collateral conveys the exclusivity and wealth of services that Rhone offers.

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Daniel Ehrenworth is a Toronto-based commercial photographer with a vibrant and colourful style and a personality to match. He came to Underline wanting a bold identity reminiscent of 1970s film titles and The Muppet Show. Underline reworked these influences to create a contemporary identity and colour palette that parallel Dan’s style of photography and playful, exuberant personality. The high gloss finish and spot matte varnish on the accompanying promo work with irreverent copywriting to invite potential clients to join in on the fun.

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Rebrand of adhesive tape manufacturer Sellotape.

Sellotape is a brand name with such popularity that it is used in common speech. The rebrand utilises this, along with Sellotape’s main use to join things together, with the branding needing to be physically rolled for the logo to connect. The material used is identical to that used in Sellotape’s inner ring. Designed by Rajan Solanki.

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VOLTA entered 2015 with a brand new signature: BRAND SHAPERS. As a creative team, VOLTA understand brands as something organic, subject to different inputs and perspectives, that can grow, change direction, have a personality and rule itself by set values. VOLTA‘s work is then focused on helping build and shape these organic, ever-changing systems, we call brands.VOLTA’s business cards are a representation of our positioning, brand shaping: relating to our name (VOLTA=Turn), they have different colours and different positions, showing that nothing, specially a brand, has only one perspective or viewpoint.