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Barceló Viajes is the leading and most established travel agency in Spain. In the spring of 2015 it became B the travel brand. The independent brand and development consultancy, Nadie, carried out the communications strategy and branding.

Once the new name was in place (the name was developed by El nombre de las cosas) Hey‘s goal was to create an identity for them that would keep the essence of Barceló but show the company in a more modern way –to visually link their new name and strategy with their long-standing reputation.

Hey devised a concept connected to travelling from the visual point of view. Hey wanted the colors and the typography to be taking the new brand away on holiday.

The blue and green carry you off to your desired destination. The stencilling forms a typeface where the cuts represent a journey’s routes. These typographic lines visually link to the lines of separation of the different graphic elements. This creates a flexible visual system which can be applied across all the different communication materials, both online and offline.

The new identity has been rolled out nationally across the whole company including the more than 650 branches in Spain.

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Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) is one of the nation’s most innovative contemporary art centers that expands and extends what an art center can be. Founded in 1993 as the cultural anchor of the Yerba Buena Gardens development, they serve the diverse and ever-evolving community that surrounds them. From their leading edge exhibitions, performances, and films, to their groundbreaking civic initiatives and community partnerships, YBCA is where creativity, people, and new ideas collide. Their mission is to generate culture that moves people, because they believe it’s the responsibility of arts organizations to spur and support major societal movements.

While YBCA is a new kind of art center, whose work spans the realms of art, civic engagement and public life, much of the San Francisco community knew them only as a venue or host for performances and events. There was a general lack of awareness around their vision and dedication to redefining what an art center can and should be, and this was at the core of the creative challenge we were asked to help solve through creating a new identity and communications strategy.

The visual identity and communications were brought to life across all touch-points including signage, exhibition graphics, brochures, posters, outdoor advertising, identity guidelines, and a new website created in partnership with Bureau for Visual Affairs. Designed by Manual.

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In a world where laminates are called fake, cheap and plastic-y, how can you make them stand out to a community that lives and breathes good design?

Arauco, a global manufacturer of sustainable wood products, came to Matchstic with the challenge of helping them create the identity for their new laminate brand, Prism, and win a piece of the A&D market from better-known brands with big, flashy appeal.

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& SMITH teamed up with YO! Sushi to refine their brand strategy and refresh their look and feel.
YO! Sushi is a place where people can experience a true taste of modern Tokyo. The brand idea and menu launch campaign centred around ‘This is Tokyo’ as a concept. So this meant…
1. & SMITH hero-ed the authenticity of the dishes on the menu. All YO’s food is inspired by Japanese classics, street food or home dishes.
2. The design take cues from anime / manga culture (but translated in a modern way).
3. & SMITH didn’t have to dumb anything down. We introduced Kanji script to menu and made sure all sections were named as they would be in Tokyo. The launch campaign leads with Japanese dish names so everyone can learn the difference between Takoyaki (octopus filled dough balls) and Okonomiyaki (street food pancakes).
4. YO! are the ears to the ground for what’s going on in Tokyo right now.

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Bockholmengruppen is one of Stockholm’s most talked about restaurant group with restaurants such as Nytorget 6 and Nybrogatan 38. Recently the group opened Österlånggatan 17, a modern local restaurant that serves home cooking with a twist for a mixed ambience. The new restaurant is named after its adress and attracts locals as well as tourists with its location in central Stockholm and inviting atmosphere.

Lobby Design was comissioned to create a visual concept that would enhance the restaurants ambition of being a modern version of a traditional local restaurant. The identity was suppose to convey an easy-going and unpretentious feel but at the same time look modern and emit a sense of quality. The result was a number of humorous and surreal illustrations, loosely based on anecdotes and persons with connections to the restaurant. This together with a simplistic logotype which contributes to the feel of a modern version of a local restaurant.

In addition to the logo and the visual identity, Lobby has also created a website, disposables like menus, bill holder, take-away material and business cards as well as the decor on the facade of the restaurant. Finally, Lobby Design has in collaboration with interior designer Erika Carnbäck created the entire interior concept for the venue which had a complete makeover before opening.

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An integrated campaign for families who are ‘looking for adventure’. Working with paper artist Polly Lindsay, Blast have created posters, press advertising and animated web banners to encourage families to come and discover the events on offer at the Museum during the school holidays. Each poster shows a playful depiction of one of the Museum’s maritime stories, spotted through the lens of a telescope.

Blast‘s work has culminated in another campaign, this time for the Museum’s new children’s gallery, named AHOY! Featuring Polly’s paper interpretation of the sign sitting atop the white cliffs at the gallery’s entrance, each letter and character is based around a different theme explored within the gallery.

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Alex Bibby is a product photographer, but not just any product photographer, one that gets it. And when we say ‘it’ we mean understands the delicate balance between technical competence and creative thought.  Expressing this balance was our focus when designing his identity and materials.  The marque we developed used his name but was designed to allude to it rather than simply be ‘Bibby’ written. This marque was used discretely off line and used in a bigger, bolder way online to mask his photography.

The District used high quality materials in a palette of greys and we hand embossed and foil blocked his materials with unerring precision – a reference to his photographic style. The website is very stripped back which allows the most important thing, the photographs, to be the focus (excuse the pun).