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Mural Arts is reinventing and democratizing how the public engages with art, through community-focused programming and art education. J2 Design developed new messaging and designed campaign collateral to convey the overarching message that “Mural Arts” is a lot more than just painted walls.

J2 Design developed core narratives and a positioning statement to help communicate why, what and how Mural Arts does their work – Bold View, Diverse Perspectives, Proud City, Real Progress and Fresh Optimism. J2 Design commissioned a local sign painter to hand-letter the narratives and then incorporated them into the full suite of materials.

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An integrated campaign for families who are ‘looking for adventure’. Working with paper artist Polly Lindsay, Blast have created posters, press advertising and animated web banners to encourage families to come and discover the events on offer at the Museum during the school holidays. Each poster shows a playful depiction of one of the Museum’s maritime stories, spotted through the lens of a telescope.

Blast‘s work has culminated in another campaign, this time for the Museum’s new children’s gallery, named AHOY! Featuring Polly’s paper interpretation of the sign sitting atop the white cliffs at the gallery’s entrance, each letter and character is based around a different theme explored within the gallery.

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The School of Life launched in Melbourne in 2013 and after initial word of mouth success a campaign to re-engage was needed. Hoyne made recommendations based on The School of Life ethos towards learning.

A series of posters were created to motivate and push the audience towards The School of Life courses. The large yellow posters framed beautiful The School of Life thought-creating sentences. The outcome has been impactful.

Clear_Design_CLR_Bunjilaka_First_Peoples_4-970x585 Clear_Design_CLR_Bunjilaka_First_Peoples-11 Clear_Design_CLR_Bunjilaka_First_Peoples-12 Clear_Design_CLR_Bunjilaka_First_Peoples_8-970x585

As Museum Victoria’s creative agency, Clear was delighted to work alongside Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Melbourne Museum in developing the launch campaign for the opening of their latest permanent exhibition, First Peoples.

First Peoples was co-curated by the Yulendj (Knowledge) Group of Elders and community representatives from across Victoria in consultation with Museum Victoria staff. With great heart and generosity Yulendj contributed stories, objects and deep cultural and historical knowledge to the exhibition. And for Clear, it was all about trying to capture and distill the spirit, desire and warmth of Yulendj around the opening of the exhibition. Through an authentic First Person voice, the public are invited to connect with this new and powerful experience with the Boonwurrung and Woi Wurrung word ‘Wominjeka’ meaning ‘welcome’.

Clear’s role throughout the project has extended across creative concept development, art direction, design, and project management right through to implementation. The campaign features a 30 and 45 second TVC and cinema ad, online activity, collateral plus multiple press and outdoor media executions.


All Above All is a campaign that unites organizations and individuals to build support to lift the bans that deny abortion coverage. Their vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, regardless of her income, can access affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it. Margaret Conway and Chrissy Faessen of Conway Strategic entrusted us with the mission of developing the name, creative concept, and visual brand language for the campaign.

Apartment One developed a name for this campaign that elevates the dialogue to focus on the social justice and equal rights component of the issue and specifically that all women should have the equal ability and access to make her own decisions. Apartment One looked to create a name that was aspirational, inclusive, and inspired people, specifically Millenials, to get involved and take action. From the foundation of this name and our supporting messaging such as Dare to Declare, Amend to Defend and Brave, United, Equal, Apartment One developed a visual brand language that spoke to individual empowerment for collective change in the use of selfie photography and hand brush stroke typography. Apartment One also developed a stylized asterisk in brush stroke as a design device that could be used to bring a deeper level of communication to the campaign and allow for more specific messaging on the issue. Looking to speak to our target audience of Millenials, it was essential that the campaign feel fresh and vital and so we chose a bright, neon green as the core brand color alongside black and white.

All Above All has engaged supporters across the country and continues the work of this multi-year effort to make critical policy change.

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96% of all Londoners think their local high street can be improved. Branding can help to change people’s perception of the high street and that is why Sven Zijderveld created the mystreet brand.

The urban high street is a place where people pass strangers, face multiple cultures and experience different uses every day. Therefore the high street is the place where prejudices (that cause a negative perception) can dissolve, and branding can help with that.

The aim of my brand is to dissolve prejudices on the high street. mystreet should approach people in a positive and mindful way and make them think about issues as the language gap, poor communication, prejudices and the feeling of safety.