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Peter Dredge has seen the dark side; both personally and professionally in his journey as a corporate winemaker for over 15 years. Dr Edge is the brooding alter ego of the man himself. It is a brand Peter created to take the seriousness out of the wine industry and, more importantly, out of life. “Life is not that bad. Share a bottle or an experience with someone, he says.” In the future, Peter wishes to grow Dr Edge as a non-profit brand, donating all profits to a mental health awareness charity of his choosing. This idea is driven by personal experience and most certainly friends who have been afflicted by mental health issues.

Cornershop were appointed to bring Dr Edge to life; complementing the portrait artwork (and face of the brand) supplied by the client. Cornershop‘s solution features a custom-designed typeface that reflects the tone of the brand. Dr Edge is honest, hand crafted Tasmanian Pinot Noir produced in small quantities. Selling at around A$55 rrp, the 2015 vintage is due for release in mid 2016. Cornershop hope that with Peter’s fine reputation and a little help from Cornershop’s branding and label design (the silent salesman), Dr Edge will become a cult classic! More importantly, it will raise awareness and benefit a noble cause.

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Camden Town Brewery, sold their first beer in September 2010, and have since gone on to become one of the most exciting young companies around today. When they told Studio Juice that they physically can’t fit in their existing brewery anymore, they were only too happy to help out.

Showing true Camden camaraderie, the Brewery wanted to do things a little differently and give friends and fans the chance to get involved in their growth. With the help of Crowdcube, they put a crowdfunded investment strategy together offering investors equity stake in the company – which has since raised almost £2 million.

Studio Juice created the strategy and campaign to help build and grow the brewery’s movement of beer lovers. First, Studio Juice came up with the call to arms “Be a Hells Raiser”, linking Camden’s signature Hells Lager with raising capital. Studio Juice then designed all campaign assets; out of home advertising, merchandise, packaging and an online video tell the story and build the community of Hells Raisers. An interactive microsite acts as the first impression for people new to Camden with links to the investment page.

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Market Pantry is Target’s largest and most beloved grocery line, with over 1,900+ SKUS across 100 different categories. Working in close collaboration with the Target creative team, Pearlfisher set out on the monumental challenge of redesigning this vast and beloved range by developing a visual system that elevates and modernizes the product line, while simultaneously flexing seamlessly across each of the 100 categories.

With a bold but considered and retro feel, the new design system for Market Pantry is eye-catching, clear and flexible, allowing each SKU to be celebrated individually, or the immense line to live cohesively together.

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‘Filtered water and loose-leaf tea. Nothing else.’ An ethos that deserves a clean, considered and paired back identity. Cold brew tea aficionados Twig Teas needed a design system to reflect the purity of the product and subtlety of it’s taste.

The brand mark reflects it’s Japanese beginnings, with an honesty and purity that is also reflected through the unique label shape. Designed by Studio Thomas.

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Koan Goedman and Mark Mann started Huckleberry Roasters to create a company that focused on the serious pursuit of coffee, coupled with a laid back approach, making sure to not take themselves too seriously. Naming each coffee after their personal musical inspirations is just one example of this. Most important was to produce a great cup of coffee, a friendly environment to drink it in, and a glimpse into their collective personalities. Mast was tasked with incorporating that personality into their new packaging. The result was a bag with a system that presented the information about the beans very clearly and brought the energy and humor of the owners out in the pattern and copywriting.

Wordmark developed by Mackey Saturday.


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