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Organised by well known charity Oxfam, Oxjam is an annual music festival held in cities across the UK. Moving Studio were approached by the regional festival producer to design the 2013 ad campaign for the Leicester event. Opting for an illustrated route we were able to effectively connect with the target audience using a vibrant and lively aesthetic. All illustrations were completed in house and applied to flyers, posters, signage, social media, street advertising, pocket guides and the 2013 Oxjam Leicester website.

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Tallin Music Week is no longer a festival for only Estonian music. Each spring a motley flock of performers and listeners flies here from all over the world. Therefor, birds form the center of this year’s visual. Unwitnessed, weird and geometric birds. Each part of the festival even got its own bird. English illustrator Ryan Chapman drew them all up, then it was only down to some plywood cutting, painting, assembling and photographing. Designed by AKU.

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Principals’ task was to deliver a new identity that would allow the Domain to be celebrated as the great asset that it is, and the Trust to communicate the purpose of its science facilities and gardens in a single minded and powerful way. The identity would also give the Domain a stronger presence in the minds of its audience and increase its value as a unique inner city venue.

While the site is a large green park in the center of the city, sitting on this alone does not differentiate it from other green spaces and those who access it for this reason (jogging or walking from A to B) will continue to do so no matter what. The opportunity for this site is to focus on and amplify its energy and buzz as a centre of activity gluing together Sydney’s inner city. Principals needed a new identity to capture this. The new identity and its dynamic logo suite carry strength in its adaptability, versatility and energy and captures everything that The Domain does. It’s dynamic and stands out creating instant association.

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Big Lunch Extras is a 3-year initiative run by the Eden Project and supported by the Big Lottery Fund and Halifax plc. The identity connects to ideas of places and conversations, with a cheeky nod to the Eden Project’s famous biomes. Working with illustrator Parko Polo, Believe In developed a flexible toolkit of elements that we could use to communicate many different themes and activities.

In addition to printed and digital communications, the identity also works across promotional merchandise and wayfinding/display materials, helping to ensure that delegates are both inspired and entertained by the experience.

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Sixty six million people stammer worldwide. Little is known about why, and despite there being no cure, The McGuire Programme is providing effective therapeutic coaching to help sufferers manage their difficulties. Founded in 1994, the organisation is run entirely by people who are conquering their own stutters and who work towards transforming lives. Their visual language however, lacked in the confidence and consistency the organisation needed to grow their brand and reputation.

As part of an internal initiative, Purpose approached The McGuire Programme with a view to creating an identity that truly reflected the strengths of the organisation, and equip them with the tools they would need to create a strong, recognisable brand. Purpose developed a core thought, ‘Beyond Stuttering’, which helped to inform the new confident visual and verbal language. Simple graphic speech bubbles are readily adapted as a communication device and campaigning banner, which helps lay the foundation for a growing image bank. The two-colour approach has created a level of consistency throughout all their marketing communications, whilst being a very cost-effective solution – a top priority for a non-profit organisation. The new identity is transforming The McGuire Programme into a stronger, more prominent brand, helping them really stand out from their competitors and ultimately get their voice heard.