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Founded in 2012, Another Place is a London-based mobile game developer, formed by some of the key people behind the Xbox Fable franchise. The team is backed by top gaming VCs, including Initial Capital and Connect Ventures.

To launch their new flagship game Battlehand, Another Place required a rebrand that could match the high production values and strong art direction of their games.

The team view gaming as a chance to escape to ‘another place’. Proxy wanted to reflect this in the logotype, playing on the concept of the logo as a portal. It became obvious that the team’s unique character art style required a bespoke lettering style to match. Once Proxy landed on the right metaphor they teamed up with Rob Clarke, to evolve the lettering to work with the team’s artistic style; this was then cropped and displayed in a range of bright colours.

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Bover is a lightning design company with an important presence in the international market. The company contacted Mucho to create a new visual identity that could reaffirm its positioning, reflecting its values and characteristics that makes it stand out in its sector. Founded in Barcelona, the mediterranean culture is implicit in every working process of the company. So, light was used as the key element of the hole identity.

From a starting point, Mucho let the light invade the word Bover, making the logo transmit that glow. The visual language also reflected this relation with the light and the effect it produces when in contact with different materials. The fact that Bover keeps a link with the handcraft tradition and uses it in their own designs, motivated us to adopt their weft patterns as a visual language. These intended to be a tribute to the craftsmen creativity, as well as to emphasize the effort, the excellence and detail, creating a gesture of empathy directly associated to the company roots.

Mucho have also changed the editorial criteria of the web. Mucho did a careful art direction that values its catalogue content and defined a SEO strategy that positions Bover much better in social networks. In this way, Mucho made that a clear positioning could be potentiated by a solid and coherent communication, that truly defines Bover’s identity.

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Rambling Muse is a lifestyle blog providing views of London life, witty commentaries on news and politics, recipes and product features, from writer Clarisse Lehmann. Having lived in New York, Geneva, Tokyo, Madrid and now London, Clarisse’s perspective as an ‘outsider in the city’ provided inspiration for the brand identity – the logo depicts the Little Owl, a non-native species introduced to the UK in the nineteenth century. The owl also represents a keen eye for observation and is culturally seen as wise and informed.

Socio Design re-design of the Rambling Muse brand and website coincided with a revised content and monetisation strategy. The editorial style of the website is complimented by commissioned illustrations from Damien Weighill. Although completed, the launch of the website is currently on hold due to a change in circumstances.

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Inside Source has 25 years’ experience planning and perfecting office spaces. They work with clients such as Facebook, Box, Shutterfly and Tango. In 2014 Inside Source merged with Young Office. They approached Mucho for a rebrand, realizing that their existing logo and identity didn’t reflect who they were or what they did as a company.

Mucho‘s concept was to create a logo and brand language created entirely out of geometric shapes. The shapes in the logo create an abstract “IS” informed by architect drawings and furniture typically found in office spaces. Mucho then used these same shapes to develop a custom typeface, iconography and illustrations.

Mucho worked with Reed Words to create the tagline “Inspiring Work” as well as messaging for the website, animation and trucks. Mucho also worked with Bureau of Visual Affairs to design and develop their website.

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How do you establish a new online luxury homeware business in a way that is true to its deeply held values of ethical trade and sustainability? Thanda sources high-end interiors accessories directly from craftspeople in South Africa, supporting local communities while bringing unique products to the UK market. It was important to articulate Thanda’s core belief that sustainability doesn’t have to compromise aesthetics.

Thanda is the Zulu word for ‘love’ and so we followed that idea through, taking similar cultural cues for the brand identity. Karoshi crafted a bespoke logotype and created a geometric pattern and colour palette inspired by Zulu heritage to reflect the company’s ethos and distinctive positioning. To present this to the UK luxury homeware market, Karoshi set these elements against a Modernist design and typographic aesthetic. This graphic vocabulary flows through the website, packaging and promotional materials. The e-commerce site features bespoke photography showcasing the craftsmanship of the artisan products, along with descriptions that focus on the story of the maker behind each one.

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Park Square Barristers is a newly formed chambers based in the heart of the Leeds legal district. Offering services across the fields of civil, criminal, family, regulatory and public law — Park Square is the largest multi-disciplinary set on the North Eastern circuit.

In preparation for the launch of the business, Journal were appointed to develop the identity and position the new brand as an approachable, authoritative and expansive entity. After a period of consultation, research and development the new brand was introduced in early 2015 — headed by a square ‘P’ monogram and supported by a fully-responsive website.