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More Space For Light is a digital communications consultancy specialising in digital strategy and user experience solutions. Their purpose is to enable organisations to make informed decisions based on insights and analytical data to design and grow their digital footprint. In essence, More Space For Light provide clarity and connect the dots.

Cornershop created a brand logo inspired by ‘connecting the dots’. Its colour and the brand colours, including a supporting colour gradient, is inspired by blue light emitted from computer screens. Business cards are created with duplexed 270gsm Colorplan Royal Blue & Turquoise papers. The text and logo is finished in a Silver/Laser foil to emulate the blue light gradient.

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  1. Dan Levy said:

    The concept of More Space For Light started from my 3-year-old son who one night while putting him to bed asked me for ‘more space for light’. My wife explained to me he didn’t want to go to sleep yet, he wanted more time to play and do all the things he does during the day. I was speechless as this was the adjustment I wanted in my life as well. This stemmed the philosophy and principles of the company. I have used the ethos to re-engineer my life. I also believe the innocent sentiment of the statement is easily applicable to brands and organisations that get muddled in the complex of defining their ‘true north’ while effectively bringing their clients and customers along on the journey.

    The constellation logo is a play on stars, space and wonderment. It also signifies the mission of More Space For Light, to make the incomprehensible, simple – joining the dots.

    Thank you for featuring this work, I hope your readers and followers draw inspiration from the process that Cornershop used in the final presentation of work.

    Dan Levy

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