SomeOne – Aston Villa FC

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Like all football clubs, Aston Villa has often updated the way it looks over time – it’s part of a Club’s evolution, and has been commonplace throughout the game’s history. The Club has had at least eight iterations of its badge over its 142 year history. As part of a wider brand review the new badge incorporates some subtle yet important changes.

Aston Villa is a great English football institution; enjoying a proud, rich heritage which includes being a founding Club of the Football League in 1888, and one of only five English Clubs to win Club football’s most prestigious trophy – the European Cup. This heritage has been represented throughout by a lion rampant at the centre of the Club’s badge. Lions have been used for centuries as the centre-pieces of coats of arms – widely perceived as the king of beasts, they stand for values such as bravery, valour, and strength. It’s this spirit that made a heraldic lion the perfect choice by the Club’s founders to represent Aston Villa’s values. And this spirit is certainly needed now. Designed by SomeOne.

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