Post – Farah

POST_Farah_Rebrand_Garments_03 POST_Farah_Rebrand_HouseOfFraser_01 Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.36.12 AMPOST_Farah_Rebrand_Pinbadge_01

After working on two successful clothing campaigns, we were asked to refresh the Farah brand as a whole. Post looked at their visual identity, garment labelling, retail concept, internal communications and photography style, all of which needed to be brought in-line with the trend-led direction of the company.

Following an in-depth analysis of the company history and its current offer, Post suggested that – due to no longer being a retro-inspired brand – the word ‘Vintage’ be dropped from the name altogether. ‘Farah’ was then re-drawn with unique typographic features.

Post also developed an update of the iconic ‘F’ mark which through years of reproduction, had become rounded and imperfect. Post re-introduced the more defined features that once gave the mark its original personality and flair. By chiselling the edges of the letterform and re-working stroke thicknesses and curves, the character now looks like a brush stroke or a hand drawn signature.

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