Mast – Huckleberry Roasters

Huck_01-1600x800 Huck_Web_06-1600x800 Huck_Web_09-1600x1000 Huck_Web_10-1600x800

Koan Goedman and Mark Mann started Huckleberry Roasters to create a company that focused on the serious pursuit of coffee, coupled with a laid back approach, making sure to not take themselves too seriously. Naming each coffee after their personal musical inspirations is just one example of this. Most important was to produce a great cup of coffee, a friendly environment to drink it in, and a glimpse into their collective personalities. Mast was tasked with incorporating that personality into their new packaging. The result was a bag with a system that presented the information about the beans very clearly and brought the energy and humor of the owners out in the pattern and copywriting.

Wordmark developed by Mackey Saturday.

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