La Tortilleria – Hermoso Cariño

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Hermoso Cariño is a unique gift shop with two amazing ingredients: new talent and outstanding design. The catch? They’re both Mexican in the least expected way: less traditional, more contemporary. This shop is the perfect place to find a gift for someone you deeply care about that will leave an imprint in their minds.

Inspired by the name of the store, Hermoso Cariño, which is also the title of a classic Mexican love song, La Tortillería wanted to preserve some tradition in its brand while highlighting its elegance. Therefore, the gold foil and letter-pressed details, which lie perfectly on the black and kraft paper palette, were the perfect choice to bring out the essence of the brand: reinventing the future without forgetting the value of culture.

Not only La Tortillería developed a balanced new identity, but we created an entire close-knitted system for the brand to exist in different applications, including bags, labels, stickers and tags, which add the final touch to every piece that lives in this eye-opening space making people feel a little bit more in love.

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