Collins – Eos

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No category in skincare is easy to break into – but lip balm is particularly difficult. Undeterred, Eos asked us to work with them to launch the most beloved lip balm in the category. Collins had just finished helping Eos redesign their successful line of shaving cream and hand lotions, so we jumped right in. In partnership with Eos, Collins helped create packaging that could be recognized in the dark — or a cluttered bag – simply by touching it. Collins also defined an array of magnetic colors that cued flavor and caught the eye.

Eos is now the number one selling lip balm. Teenagers change out the tops to signal they are dating. People take pictures of them, collect the flavors, knit holding cases for them, bedazzle them, and post videos about them on YouTube. The last count of Eos lip balm-related videos: 1.93 million. Yes, 1.93 million.

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