Lobby Design – Bockholmengruppen

osterlanggatan-webb osterlanggatan-visitkort osterlanggatan-bord-applikationer ostralanggatan-meny-bord

Bockholmengruppen is one of Stockholm’s most talked about restaurant group with restaurants such as Nytorget 6 and Nybrogatan 38. Recently the group opened Österlånggatan 17, a modern local restaurant that serves home cooking with a twist for a mixed ambience. The new restaurant is named after its adress and attracts locals as well as tourists with its location in central Stockholm and inviting atmosphere.

Lobby Design was comissioned to create a visual concept that would enhance the restaurants ambition of being a modern version of a traditional local restaurant. The identity was suppose to convey an easy-going and unpretentious feel but at the same time look modern and emit a sense of quality. The result was a number of humorous and surreal illustrations, loosely based on anecdotes and persons with connections to the restaurant. This together with a simplistic logotype which contributes to the feel of a modern version of a local restaurant.

In addition to the logo and the visual identity, Lobby has also created a website, disposables like menus, bill holder, take-away material and business cards as well as the decor on the facade of the restaurant. Finally, Lobby Design has in collaboration with interior designer Erika Carnbäck created the entire interior concept for the venue which had a complete makeover before opening.

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