Alex Bibby – The District

bibbylogoani deboss fullspread Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 3.22.45 PM

Alex Bibby is a product photographer, but not just any product photographer, one that gets it. And when we say ‘it’ we mean understands the delicate balance between technical competence and creative thought.  Expressing this balance was our focus when designing his identity and materials.  The marque we developed used his name but was designed to allude to it rather than simply be ‘Bibby’ written. This marque was used discretely off line and used in a bigger, bolder way online to mask his photography.

The District used high quality materials in a palette of greys and we hand embossed and foil blocked his materials with unerring precision – a reference to his photographic style. The website is very stripped back which allows the most important thing, the photographs, to be the focus (excuse the pun).

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