Parallax Design – Petaluma

PET_CellarDoor_1980x1322_1-20151215084515PET_CellarDoor_1400x935_1-20151215090455  PET_CellarDoor_1980x1322_3 Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.07.06 am

When Petaluma first looked to build themselves a home in the Adelaide Hills, they wanted to ensure it would be an extension of the brand we were helping to define and develop. Working closely with architects Grieve Gillet, Parallax Design embedded the brand’s personality and aesthetic throughout the building. From the three rammed earth entrance walls (using soils excavated from their Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra and Clare Valley vineyards), to furnishings and finishes, the place just feels like Petaluma — a completely consistent brand experience for the visitor. Recycled riddling racks, bin pallets and bore pipes also feature in the fitout and signage.

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  1. Carter said:

    I had no idea some of the interior architecture going on in this city is so well done. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this buildings, didn’t know there so much modern life around here.

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