Boldinc Brand Innovation – BILPIN ARCHIBALD

Bilpin Archibald 1 Bilpin Archibald 3 Bilpin Archibald 4 Bilpin Archibald 5

Building on the Bilpin brand positioning as a boutique apple growing region located in the Blue Mountains and staying true to the brands rich history, heritage and quality, Bilpin Archibald Cloudy Apple Cider was born.

Archibald Bell already had a reputation as a adventurer when in 1823 he forged a stock route across the unforgiving Blue mountains through what is today known as Bilpin: one of the most fertile apple growing region – “The land of the Mountain Apple”. The new cider crafted for those looking for something different, something to be discovered. Bilpin Archibald is the first cloudy cider that follows it’s own path, a new product for a new category.

Inspired by the topographic maps of the Blue Mountains area, Archibald’s portrait is a tangled mess of linework. Scratched and scuffed, it captures the grit and determination of a young explorer looking to make a name for himself in a hostile wilderness.

At a premium price point, Bilpin Archibald is targeted at those consumers who want a quality craft cider, that is unique and rich in its own history and isn’t another ‘me too’ in a sea of sameness. Designed by Boldinc Brand Innovation.

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