Unisono – Qudrat (Kawader)

Qudrat-1-Logo KAW5272-coverall-v1 KAW-Qudrat-Web-MockMAF5271-leaflet-v11-2400x1500

One of the Gulf’s greatest challenges is the lack of skilled local human capital – especially in the industrial sector. Recruiting mostly foreign workers affects the local economy and is not sustainable. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst affected – businesses must hire a quota of Saudis or face penalties, yet there are no suitable resources available. Kawader was conceived with the vision to hire, train, mentor and then outsource skilled Saudi workers for industry.

The industrial sector is a dirty, busy place. To communicate successfully we needed a tone of voice that expressed values such as dependability and resourcefulness, while also conveying much needed dynamism and positivity. The brand position of effective, underpinned by attributes of toughness and loyalty, directly addressed the perception challenges related to Saudi employees as being unskilled and uncommitted. The strategy was founded on the vision ‘to empower the realization of potential’ – putting the right people, in the right place, to do the job right.

The new name and tool kit directly referenced the abilities of a ‘Qudrat employee’, enabling the brand to talk clearly and authoritatively. The distinctive look and feel and bold tonality equipped Qudrat to be heard above sector noise, presenting a believable voice to the demanding ‘no nonsense’ industrial sector. The new brand empowered the launch of Qudrat to the elite of the Saudi business community and government entities, securing new support and investment from several of the largest companies in Saudi, so opening the door to a new era of opportunity and prosperity for Saudi nationals and facilitating sustainable growth for industry. Designed by Unisono.

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