Snask – Bord 13

Bord13_Logo-illustration_2-1250x962 Bord13_messy-table_2-1250x1117 Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.41.04 ambord13_studio_set-up-1250x901

Bord 13 is a Restaurant & Wine Bar located in Malmö,Sweden. Bord 13 is founded by a former Souschef and a Head Sommelier from Noma (no.1 on the World´s best restaurants list last year). We helped Bord 13 with the concept and naming, the identity, as well as the whole interior.

In the restaurant world, it means bad luck to serve table 13, which is the name of the restaurant (but, in swedish). The restaurant is also located on street no.13. Therefor, in order to emphasise on the “dark side”, Snask created an identity all in black & white and decided to make the number 13 our hero. Together with the artist Emilie Florin, we created experimental and somewhat morbid illustrations for the concept. The identity – all in mono, works well as a contrast to the quite light, nordic and sober interior of Bord 13.

Photography by Gustav Arnetz

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