Yuta Takahashi – Traditional festival of Japan

minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_03 minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_02 minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_01minimal_design_contemporary_illustration_gold_foil_simple_japan_calligraphy_business_card_branding_identity_06

Yuta Takahashi did the visual design for our local festival, a traditional event held every fall in Shikoku, Japan. In this traditional local festival, we carry something called a Taikodai, which is a 2 ton portable shrine decorated in gold. We carry this through town, thanking nature and the gods for the year’s abundant harvest. Skilled craftsmen decorate the Taikodai with delicate yet bold embroidery, done in the shape of a golden Ark of the Covenant.

Various myths passed down through the ages are depicted through the elaborate embroidery, and the skill of the craftsmen is truly breathtaking. Yuta Takahashi selected one scene from a myth, and used Japanese methods like gold leaf covering and calligraphy, as well as modern design, to pay homage to these skilled craftsmen.

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