Studio fnt – Hyundai

SDIM2033_web_1340SDIM2353_web_1340 SDIM2006_web_1340 SDIM1714_web_1340

This project is for Hyundai department store, one of the most widely known and established department stores in Korea. Studio fnt took charge of the entire brand identity on the basis of already developed logo and color palette designed by Base Design NY. In order to represent the core concept of this branding project, duality, Studio fnt designed a graphic motif of Dual H. Korean logotype was also developed, including basic operation of refined / segmented color system. Application of this graphic covers all the possible contacts customers are faced with at the department store; from signage, shopping bags, guideline for DM or other printed editorial design, guideline for gift packaging, drinks packaging, ribbon design, price and origin tags, to parking tickets.

The graphic motif of Dual H, where the two ‘H’s are organically weaved together, is visualized through a variety of media and on different levels. The weaved form of two letters can be interpreted in many ways, such as a link between department store and its customers, or between tradition and modernity. All in all, it is interesting to have it be interpreted as a positive symbol, like a ribbon in gift wrapping.

The department store itself is a strong brand, and a place to contain a number of different products and other brands. It was Studio fnt‘s main goal to develop a visual language that functions in two ways: identifier that implies The Hyundai’s orientation, and a container that effectively communicates and delivers information. Taking also into account the real-time operating characteristics of various design projects at the department store, Studio fnt tried to develop such system that would enable easy and flexible, yet consistent use across the brand.

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