IS Creative Studio – El Pollerio


El Pollerio it is a new brand from Caravana, one of the oldest and more traditional brands on Peruvian rotisserie chicken. The task was to create the naming, graphic identity and interior design for a new concept in self service rotisserie chicken, the restaurant will offer good quality food, affordable price and small number of items and targeting a younger crowd, without excluding the families. The interior should be fun and not expensive to implement.Fun, new, fresh, simple.
IS Creative Studio wanted to avoid the stereotypical visual language that’s so often associated with fast food and other chicken restaurants. In order to achieve a fresh new look and the challenge was that it was very limited budget and the space was small so it need to be bright. IS Creative Studio decided to create a pattern that becomes the brand and you can recognize even if the logo is not there. By the use of color and materials on the interior IS Creative Studio made it stand out from other rotisserie chicken restaurants and fast food outlets. IS Creative Studio decided to use white tiles for all walls and silver ceiling it help to make the space larger and keep it more fresh.

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