Cornershop Design – Teusner Gabrielle Old Vine Semillon

Cornershop_Gabrielle1 Cornershop_Gabrielle2 Cornershop_Gabrielle3

Introducing the latest brand created by Cornershop Design and added to Teusner Wines impressive portfolio … Gabrielle Old Vine Semillon.
Teusner are respected boutique producers based in Barossa Valley, South Australia. Back in 2011, winemaker Kym Teusner impulsively bought a small parcel of Semillon from an 80 year old vineyard in the Barossa Valley. Despite its unpopularity and the fact that the regions stocks of the old vine varietal continue to dwindle, Kym appreciates its provenance, impressive qualities and unquestionable style. “Time has proven Semillon to be the only white variety grown in the Barossa Valley capable of producing a world class wine. And whilst many times over the years other eminently more popular varieties have been planted in the dry Barossa Valley soils, none have produced a wine of excellence, and none have endured,” says Kym. Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel once said: “Fashion changes – style endures.” Kym thinks this says it all about Barossa Valley Semillon, hence named the brand after this famous style icon.
Cornershop Design’s branding and packaging solution is inspired by ‘Coco’ Chanel from the 1930’s period (when the Semillon vineyard was planted). It is the epitome of simplicity and elegance. Label features include modern typography reminiscent of the era, gold embellishments and a tactile, gloss varnished pattern inspired by Art Deco design and Chanel’s trademark pearl necklace. Gabrielle retails for approximately A$38 and can currently be purchased on Teusner’s website:

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