Principals – Domain

Domain_Logos_ANI_750x540_1aDOMAIN_750x540_6 DOMAIN_750x540_7 DOMAIN_750x540_2

Principals’ task was to deliver a new identity that would allow the Domain to be celebrated as the great asset that it is, and the Trust to communicate the purpose of its science facilities and gardens in a single minded and powerful way. The identity would also give the Domain a stronger presence in the minds of its audience and increase its value as a unique inner city venue.

While the site is a large green park in the center of the city, sitting on this alone does not differentiate it from other green spaces and those who access it for this reason (jogging or walking from A to B) will continue to do so no matter what. The opportunity for this site is to focus on and amplify its energy and buzz as a centre of activity gluing together Sydney’s inner city. Principals needed a new identity to capture this. The new identity and its dynamic logo suite carry strength in its adaptability, versatility and energy and captures everything that The Domain does. It’s dynamic and stands out creating instant association.

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