High Tide – Casper

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Casper is an e-commerce start-up that offers an “obsessively engineered mattress” at a very low price. With a customer service experience as pleasurable as a night’s sleep on one of their products, Casper is revolutionizing the way people shop for a mattress. High Tide are thrilled to have shared our creative energies with Casper on a gift card package for the 2014- 2015 holiday season.

High Tide created an engaging, multi-sensory experience for the recipients of a Casper gift card by concepting, designing, and overseeing production of a “Good Night Kit.” The much- coveted kits included a lavender eye pillow, an aromatherapeutic Sleep Balm by Ever Brooklyn, and a chamomile tea sachet. Each beautifully packaged box contained a gift card for a Casper mattress made in matte blue with a reflective holiday pattern printed on top.

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