Lundgren+Lindqvist – O/O Brewing

ll_oo_brewing_pretty_pale_ale_bohemia_ever_green_setting_web-1844x1230 ll_oo_brewing_pretty_pale_ale_bohemia_ever_green_bottle_labels_front_web-1844x1230 ll_oo_brewing_pretty_pale_ale_bohemia_ever_green_bottle_labels_side_web-1844x1230Magnusson_Kjellén_Pop-Up_Bar_OO_Brewing_Web_Edit-1844x1230

During the Spring of 2015, high-end craft brewer O/O Brewing released three new beers: A rich-in-flavor pale ale called Pretty Pale Ale, a saison made with Pilsner Malt and Saaz Hops called Bohemia and Evergreen, is a flavorful IPA inspired by conifer.

For the packaging of the new beers, we revised and simplified Lundgren+Lindqvist design system used for previous O/O labels and incorporated a ’pronunciation guide’, to make the somewhat cryptic name easier to understand. Lundgren+Lindqvist continued our collaboration with artists and designers, this time teaming up with Fredrik Åkum (Evergreen) and Alexander Palmeståhl (Bohemia), asking them to interpret the beer and featuring the artwork they produced on the labels.

Also included in the presentation is O/O’s pop-up bar at the Gothenburg Beer & Whiskey Fair, designed by architects Emma Magnusson and Angelina Kjellén, for which we designed the signage.


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