Partly Sunny – Bluebeard Coffee Roasters

bluebeard-coffee-packaging-5lbbluebeard-coffee-packaging-overheadbluebeard-coffee-website-1 bluebeard-coffee-sign

Partly Sunny worked with Bluebeard Coffee Roasters from the very beginning to establish the brand regionally and develop a strong retail presence. Tacoma, Washington’s Bluebeard Coffee Roasters has quickly become one of the most beloved brands in the south Puget Sound, with some of the finest specialty roasts available.

But not long ago, it didn’t exist. And together Partly Sunny stared down the daunting task of launching a new coffee brand in region that is famously over-caffeinated. Standing out was a given. But equally important was fitting in with the independent spirit of Tacoma, a port city historically known for its lively demeanor. Bluebeard was the perfect concept to reflect this with style and wit. The swarthy character offers a playful nod to the city’s storied past. The simple lines of his swirly beard resemble coffee steam, ocean surf and vintage ironwork. And though the virtue of this mythical figure may be questionable, the integrity of their coffee is beyond reproach.

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