Parallax – Rubyspice

RUB_-Tin_1 RUB_Packet_3-20150802202149 RUB_Packet_2-20150802201850 RUB_Packet_1-20150802201911

Rubyspice is a new spice brand set up by food and spice queen, Jackie Singh. The logo developed for Rubyspice depicts a precious ruby stone, disguised as a pineapple. The pineapple holds a special place in the history of the early spice trade. Throughout the tropics, pineapples were used as a greeting. When the early spice traders took the fruit back to Europe, they were treated as symbols of wealth and luxury. A bespoke pineapple wallpaper pattern was also developed for use on packaging and interiors. Designed by Parallax.

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