Could Not Sleep – Hooked

hookedMTL06  Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.34.33 pm hooked_rolloverScreen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.35.27 pm

Some shameless self promotion.

Ray’s fondest childhood memories are of hot chips wrapped in newspaper straight after a swim, fish plucked from the water and jars of pickled onions on the counter. Decades later, and nine years after opening Hooked’s first store, Ray has decided to have a sea-change of sorts, and pay homage to his uncle and those halcyon days by relaunching Melbourne’s beloved fish & chip joint. Introducing Hooked – Fish & Chipper. Ray’s take on new school British fish & chips. “I want to return to the classics – to the taste and feel of my uncle Johnny’s chippy. It’s a time of my life that makes me happy. Makes me chipper. I want to share that!”

Under the watchful eye of Neale White – former pupil of Gordon Ramsay and owner of modern British restaurant, Papa Goose – Hooked’s new menu takes the best of British fish and chips, and gives it a new school twist. There’s now a fish and scallop pie with minted smashed peas, smoked fish croquettes, a sticky date pudding for dessert and panko crumbed prawns in a basket! The latter being a reinterpretation of the ultimate British pub snack, ‘Scampi in a Basket’. New Brand Mark, packaging and signage designed by Could Not Sleep.

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