Maud – Mix­ion­ary

Maud-Mixionary-011Maud-Mixionary-051 Maud-Mixionary-061 Maud-Mixionary-021

Diageo approached The Mon­keys with a brief for advert­ising that encour­aged people to use Diageo’s range of spir­its when mak­ing homemade cock­tails. Together we developed a solu­tion that went bey­ond the realms of advert­ising and estab­lished a new e-commerce plat­form with cock­tail mak­ing at its heart. Maud iden­ti­fied that for the aver­age per­son cock­tail mak­ing is intim­id­at­ing and in the major­ity of cases when people are enter­tain­ing at home, they will choose wine or beer as a more safe and con­veni­ent option. Maud also dis­covered that des­pite the hes­it­ancy towards cock­tail mak­ing, there were over 1,000,000 cock­tail related searches online every month and a com­plete absence of web­sites address­ing the basic need for edu­ca­tion and guid­ance. We took this oppor­tun­ity and cre­ated the brand.

Link­ing dir­ectly through to Diageo spir­its on the Dan Murphy online store, Mix­ion­ary was cre­ated with the pur­pose of demys­ti­fy­ing the art of cock­tail mak­ing. We designed icon­o­graphy that broke down the pro­cess of cock­tail mak­ing into 8 key stages and formed the basis of the brand’s visual iden­tity. The web­site was built with search at its heart cap­tur­ing the most com­monly searched cock­tails and rank­ing them in pri­or­ity order.

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