DesignStudio – Logitech

Logi_Logo_DesignStudio-2000x577  LOG_717_Mag_KeysToGo_TH-2000x1125 Billboard_2560_1440-2-2000x1125Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 10.00.23 am

Since 2013, Logitech has been working behind the scenes on reinventing the company, shaking things up culturally and through its product innovation. Logitech came to DesignStudio to help bring new life to its brand identity. The result is the biggest transformation in the brand’s history.

They had big aspirations; to redefine who they were as a brand and a business, a major transitional shift to put design thinking at the heart of everything. This was an aspiration that we were excited to challenge, create and deliver on. One that resulted in a year long collaboration, resulting in the new Logitech brand, an energised and colourful new brand that is future facing, leading the company into a new era. The new brand needed to be flexible, with an identity that worked across the existing product range, yet also embraced a whole new range of products – from connected home and mobile devices, to products that are still a spark of an idea at Logitech’s development labs.

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