Unisono Agency – Arab Link

Blank billboard

Blank billboard

09.-ARL-Brochure-1 04.-ARL-Advert 02.-ARL-Posters

ADIB’s existing offer (Arab Link, ‘AL’) suffered from a lack of presence both in terms of store locations as well as mindshare. Brand had no strategy, no CI and no platform from which to grow. ADIB wanted AL to become a top three brand, capturing greater market share in a heavily saturated market.

The brand has been successfully rolled out across retail stores and in store promotion materials, corporate services materials as well as social and online media tools. The new brand identity created an immediate impression resulting in exponential sales and customer growth in the first few months. In year one, the new brand grew monthly sales by 100%+ while the customer base grew by staggering 300%+. New brand was so fresh it created the impression that AL was new, avoiding any difficult transition issues from the legacy brand. The new brand identity shaped integrated products and services including loyalty and payroll cards. New brand has been so successful that new investment has been provided to take the operations to overseas locations including Europe.

Designed by Unisono.


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