Cornershop – Seabrook

Cornershop_Seabrook1 Cornershop_Seabrook2 Cornershop_Seabrook3

The Seabrook family have been involved and respected in the Australian wine industry since 1878, starting with a wine merchants business, W. J. Seabrook & Son. Fifth generation family member and winemaker, Hamish Seabrook, resurrected the original label and relaunched the brand in 2005 after several years lying dormant. Today, Seabrook produce artisanal wines made from hand sourced fruit from some of the best regions throughout Australia.
Cornershop were appointed to reposition the Seabrook brand and revitalise the packaging design to be more contemporary whilst maintaining the family’s history. The objective was to engage a younger audience without alienating the existing older consumer.
Inspired by Seabrook’s labels dating back to the 1940s, Cornershop created a bold solution that builds on traditional values and existing brand recognition. The feature of the label is the family’s unique surname, depicted in bold typography. The year the first company was established sits proudly above the Seabrook name. This is complemented by the family’s crest, simplified for reproduction and finished in gold foil. Each label/product pays homage to a generation of the Seabrook wine industry lineage and is distinguished by a unique name on the front label and their story on the back. An original signature from each family member also embellishes the label in gold foil, reinforcing the product quality.

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