S-T – ICON Magazine’s ‘rethink’ feature


An environmentally conscious proposal for new fish packaging as part of ICON Magazine’s ‘rethink’ feature. Thirty-two per cent of the world’s fish are overfished, depleting, or recovering from depletion. If this continues, S-T are going to run out of fish in the next 50 years. So when ICON asked S-T to rethink something that we thought could be improved, they decided to focus on this issue. S-T created fish packaging labels with clear, detailed information on how fish was sourced – information that’s readily available online, but not immediately obvious on packaging. S-T also used a colour-coding system to provide further clarity and shelf presence. S-T‘s design promotes sustainably sourced fish, helping consumers make more informed choices, in turn driving down the unsustainable fishing trade.

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