Maud – Toby’s Estate

IMG_78512TE_2256x1504_01 TE_2256x1504_02 IMG_7821

Toby’s Estate is a brand whose per­cep­tion doesn’t live up to its real­ity. Argu­ably the pion­eer of good cof­fee in Aus­tralia, the brand has slowly dimin­ished in the eyes of dis­cern­ing cof­fee drink­ers due to its pro­lif­er­a­tion through­out cafes around Aus­tralia and the emer­gence of smal­ler ‘on trend’ cof­fee roasters. Maud embarked on a jour­ney with Toby’s Estate, begin­ning with brand strategy, the devel­op­ment of a big brand idea and the redesign of their visual iden­tity and packaging.

Untold Stor­ies’ is the plat­form from which our design is based. At the core of the idea Maud is seed­ing the myth that you can buy a cof­fee for a good story, bring­ing to life that stor­ies are the ‘true explorers currency’.

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