Saffron – Paraf

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The credit card market in Turkey is highly competitive; it’s the third largest in Europe, with a number of established local players and a relatively new crop of international banks all fighting for market share. Saffron were engaged by one of Turkey’s oldest and largest state banks, Halkbank, to help them develop a portfolio of credit card products that would cut through the noise and expand its share of a mature but rapidly changing market.

Halbank has a long and proud heritage as a Turkish state bank – set up by Ataturk to help grow the Turkish economy, its focus had traditionally been on SMEs and on acting as something of a bridge between the private and public sectors. Turkey has changed considerably in the last few years, and Halkbank has changed with it – now as professionally run and responsive as any of the private banks, the new card portfolio is intended to further cement their commitment to consumer banking. What has not changed over time is Halkbank’s treatment of customers. A focus on helping clients grow remained, despite a shift in focus from SMEs to retail customers. This made them fundamentally very different to many of the other players – in a market where customers were often seen as profit generating units, Halkbank had experience in and genuinely valued long-term customer relationships. Designed by Saffron.

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