Beardwood&co. – Honest Tea

Honest-Tea-Logo-Before-After-2015_0129_1 Honest-Tea-Honey-Green-Before-After-2015_0129_2 Honest-Tea-Bottle-Pyramid-Flattened-2015_0129_1 Honest-Tea-Multiserve-Pyramid-2015_0129

Not long after Coca-Cola acquired Honest Tea, Beardwood&Co. were asked to help relaunch the core line to appeal to a broader range of consumers. Honest Tea is known and loved by an army of health-conscious, natural tea drinkers, but non-users saw the brand as too serious and less flavorful than the bevvy of new tea competitors coming to market.

In collaboration with Honest’s in-house creative team, Beardwood&Co. tested many packaging design iterations with consumers to understand how far the brand could stretch — appealing to a new audience while staying true to its roots. Beardwood&Co. learned that it was critical to keep the T shape for brand recognition, but not at the expense of appetite appeal, refreshment, or shelf navigation.

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