Seesaw – Aquatec

macbook-iphone-halfwidth-1200x750 Aquatec-Stationary1-1200x750 Aquatec-Brochure6-fw-1800x1012 Aquatec-Brochure2-1200x750

Aquatec is an Australian-owned company with over 30 years local and international experience in the delivery of customised water and wastewater management solutions. Since Seesaw positioned the Aquatec brand ten years ago, the market has become more complex and competitive.

To maintain their strong reputation and image, Aquatec required a rebrand. Seesaw‘s industry research revealed that people in this category value collaboration over competition. This called for a new positioning statement and a new identity system to emphasize partnership. Seesaw‘s reinvigoration of all brand assets emphasised Aquatec’s high level of service, innovation and cooperative approach, neatly summed up with a new tag line: Water Innovation Partners.

The elevated brand, tailored communications and interactive 3D product models engaged customers on a new level, changing perceptions of not only Aquatec but of the Australian water industry itself. Sales and market share continue to grow, and thanks to Aquatec, the Australian landscape continues to benefit from innovative, long-term water solutions.

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