& Smith – The Woodspeen

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& Smith teamed up with Michelin star chef John Campbell to help create a brand and visual identity for his new venture in the Berkshire countryside. He got us on board to sharpen up his offer and make it clear to everyone what The Woodspeen was all about.  From the off, we knew John wanted to serve up seasonal food that he could source locally and pair it up with making it affordable for everyone.
& Smith decided to focus the brand around the Woodpeen community. All the cues were there. It was an old pub, the produce is provided by local farmers, brewers and fisherman, it was an unstuffy version of fine-dining, and a big part of the offer was the cookery school – it all seemed to make sense.  & Smith wanted the logotype to be uncomplicated and simple, the identity to avoid the usual cliches you’d expect from fine-dining, and the website to lead with suppliers and the people that help make it happen (rather than keeping them in the background).

To help the community concept further & Smith came up with the idea of a newsletter to keep the locals up to date with the ‘foody’ happenings in the area, a swap-shop idea where people can come along and swap home-made jam for some tomatoes from the garden, and other things like giving a recipe away with your bill.

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