Firebelly – Divvy

13_Divvy_02 13_Divvy_03 13_Divvy_05 13_Divvy_07

Firebelly loves Chicago. The place, the people, the get-it-done attitude. Firebelly were especially excited to collaborate with IDEO on the naming, logo and brand strategy for Chicago’s new bike share program, Divvy. Firebelly focused on the practical and utilitarian aspects of cycling to position bike-share as a smart, active and logical option for getting around the city. Firebelly appealed to the playfulness of riding to ease some of the fear around biking in the city. Firebelly choose to honor Chicago’s great city pride enticing to the down-to-earth and cosmopolitan traits of our city’s citizenry through the color and the symbolic Chicago star. From the truly collaborative team, through the launch of the city-wide transit system, the opportunity to participate in the extensive and embedded program within our community was honor in of itself.

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