Aerogram Studio You’re the expert

AerogramStudio_YoureTheExpert9-1280x720 AerogramStudio_YoureTheExpert7-1280x720 AerogramStudio_YoureTheExpert1-1280x720 AerogramStudio_YoureTheExpert2-1280x720

You’re The Expert is a live show and podcast which combines comedy with academic research. In their own words, it takes research “out of the ivory tower and into your iPhone”. Each show features an expert in an obscure field along with a panel of comedians who must guess what the expert does all day knowing nothing but the name of their job (ichthyologist or herpetologist, for example).

Aerogram Studio had a great time working on You’re The Expert, partially because we got to listen to the hilarious podcast as research, but also because the project presented a unique challenge for us as designers. The logo had to function for both a public show and a podcast, and represent both comedy and serious research. Ultimately, the logo Aerogram Studio developed plays up this idea of duality, with an expert and a comedian shown in dialogue with one another.

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