Grow – Business Sweden

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With such high ambitions it was necessary to speed up the project without sacrificing quality and control. The assignment demonstrated the value of Grow’s holistic approach to brand development, encompassing everything from strategy and design to culture and communication. Several parallel processes, including extensive insight work with workshops and interviews involving employees and customers, contributed to the development of the new brand.

A foundation stone for the new brand was the choice of name. Business Sweden is a powerful name, suitable for a global market. It not only sounds good, it also looks good as a word image, which was an asset in the design process. More importantly, it highlights the core objective of working for the greater good of Sweden through facilitating exports and investments.

The next step was the definition of corporate values, mission and vision in a brand platform, summarised by the directional idea: “Growing Sweden”. By creating a new logo and dynamic visual identity Grow provided a clear profile and solid foundation for all future applications. One of the most important of these in today’s digital age was the Business Sweden website, and again, Grow played a key role in its design, messaging and content development. Designed by Grow.

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