Bluerock Design Co – B.B. Boyd

BBB_5_LR-940x626 BBB_7_LR-940x626 BBB_11_LR-940x626 BBB_14_LR-940x626

B.B. Boyd is an apparel brand based in the Carolinas and built on timeless aesthetic and tradition. B.B. Boyd provides quality American-made craftsmanship and sources all materials from within the United States. Bluerock Design Co‘s collaboration defined the brand with a focused and cohesive design program. The brand identity utilizes a sophisticated typographic system, refined color palette and unique symbol. The symbol is bold yet abstract, alluding to a geometric boat hull coming towards the viewer, and two mirrored uppercase B’s. The project includes brand identity, stationery system, apparel packaging, print collateral and responsive website design and development.Bluerock Design Co photographed and directed lifestyle campaigns while on-location in South Carolina and New England. Additional images from the photoshoots can be viewed here. Take a look at the B.B. Boyd website to learn more about the company and their excellent products.

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