Studio Alto – Madame Brussels Lane

StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Brochure-1_1 StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Brochure-2-615x460 StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Signage-3-615x460 StudioAlto-MadameBrussels-Signage-11

Studio Alto was engaged by property managers Knight Frank to re-brand Madame Brussels Lane. This retail precinct derives its name from a notorious Melburnian, multiple brothel owner and local resident, Madame Brussels.

The brief was to create a ‘sense of place’ in the modern laneway that is imbued with the mythology, character and personality of Mme B. While immersing themselves in the history of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’,Studio Alto took inspiration from a press excerpt at the height of Mme B’s infamy in 1889. Conservative moral crusaders claimed that she had been “parading in Collins Street in charge of a beautiful girl under 20 with a white feather in her hat, indicating that her maiden virtue was to be had for a price ‘in her gilded den’.” The solution achieved an elegant mark that adds to the mythology surrounding the namesake of the laneway.

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