Mucho – All Good Scents

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All Good Scents’ mission is to create the first contemporary perfume house in India. Historically and culturally Indians are very keen on fragrances and perfume usage. However the usage is either restricted to natural elements or locally produced scents. All Good Scents hopes to create a niche for chic products with global appeal.

A strategic analysis of the client revealed the importance of showing the fresh attitude of a new brand to the market, whilst also establishing the credibility that an old family dedicated to perfume making brought to the product. Accordingly, we created a simple, rational and easy to recognize symbol, deprived of classic decoration. By including an extra horitzontal stroke, the initial ‘A’ of the name was turned into a perfume pyramid, the structural device which is the basis for all perfume formulas. Centered typography with a rounded light font positioned the brand as a contemporary, style conscious player.

Along with the corporate identity, Mucho helped All Good Scents to develop a brand architecture scheme for the perfume brands, helping to establish a communication structure and thus correctly convey each perfume’s nature and identity to their established consumer target.

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