Mucho – Coma

coma_03 coma_04 coma_02 coma_01

Sometimes we need to take time for someone to help us work out our leadership and innovation. A pause, a comma. This is what Coma offers us across four different areas: Personal, Social, Political and Organizational. The result: a clear vision of our future.

In order to create a logo that represents this lapse of time, Mucho placed a comma at the beginning and end of the word. The change in direction that Coma suggests is represented by a dotted line without any specific direction. The line becomes straight when Coma appears. They also provide narrative coaching which inspired the organization of the website, representing the structure of narration: Beginning, middle and end.

Animating the typography and symbols on the page, using a parallax design, immerses the user in a unique, dynamic Coma experience.

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