Joe Leadbeater – Organic, John Patrick

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John Patrick prides himself on being highly ethical in his practice, and so his brand has been constructed in the same way. Very little ink is used, whilst an embossing seal leaves a mark but no mis-use of ink. The choice of stock varies for the estimated levels of production. Stock used for things printed at mass (eg. the labels) are printed on Lokta paper, from a Nepalese Lokta tree, which grows from the roots up after being cut. This allows John Patrick to be just as sustainable with his promotion as he is with his own fashion practice. With each sheet bought, 25% of the profit goes to a Nepalase charity.

The logo uses ambiguous organic form, being seen as contours, stones,etc. Neutral colours were chosen to reflect natural muted tones, whilst the use of embossing for all the stock, and laser cutting for the hangers and packaging allow John Patrick to leave a small carbon footprint. Designed by Joe Leadbeater.

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