Spy – Haverstock

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Haverstock is an architectural practice that puts people first. After 30 years it was time for the founding partners to retire, being replaced by three new ones with fresh ambitions and perspectives. Together Spy kick-started a new chapter. Haverstock’s buildings are designed to enhance people’s lives, and in their own small way, make the world a better place. Focussing on specialist public-sector projects they enable clients and people who use the buildings to have a voice, and to shape the way their building ends up.

To reflect this fresh start the new, much younger partners were conscious to put a marker down through a new strategy, brand and collateral that was true of them now and where they were heading. Having engaged people internally and externally, Spy arrived at a big idea around ‘Life changing’. Be it the way a handrail was designed for a handicapped child or a client’s experience of Haverstock’s consultation session – this idea lay at the bedrock for everything.

Using the ‘H’ as multi-functional tool we devised a distinct marque that originates from one flat material. Once folded it manifests in lots of different ways, configurations and crops. A hallmark, a seal of approval. In conjunction with the brand’s other assets, this playfulness and use of tactile materials evokes a company that is moving into new era with the courage of its own convictions.

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